What does a Pure Water Distiller do?

Pure water distillers remove contaminants like heavy metals and other harmful substances that could be left behind even after boiling the water. The steam it makes when distilling water (H2O) is collected. Any contaminants found in the steam are removed once it is reduced to liquid. You are left with pure H2O since 99.5 percent of contaminants have been removed – important link!

There are many sizes of distillers, most of which can fit on a kitchen counter. Pure distillers can be a great way to save money on H2O over the year. A gallon of distilled water is approximately 25 cents to make. You can typically buy a distiller for between $400 and $650. It is not cheap, but it will be worth it very quickly.

A distiller works much like a portable coffee machine. Simply fill the boiling container with water, and then press a button to turn the device on. After a few hours, you will have pure distilled water. The liquid can be taken from the purified water distiller and used to make any other use you may have in mind.

Calcium and salt from tap water can build up in the boiling container. It will appear as a hard, white substance. You can stop this from happening by regularly washing the container. To clean the distiller, soak it in a solution of sulfamic acids overnight. Rinse it off after.

A distiller can also be cleaned with vinegar. Simply fill the container with 1 part vinegar and 1 part H2O, then let it sit for a few minutes. Be sure to empty the distiller of any liquids prior to using it. Cleaning solutions and vinegar can cause the distiller’s to heat up.

The carbon filter is also located inside the distiller. It should be changed regularly. To find out how often it needs to be changed, refer to the user manual. To remove any contaminants from the liquid, the carbon filter is necessary. A pure water distiller should last more than 10 years if it is well maintained. Some models may need to be replaced with the cooling fan or heating element. It’s cheaper than buying a new distiller.

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