Television News Vs Internet News

Television is another medium that provides news and current affairs from any country or locale. More often news is brought live and is updated in real time. These are some of the many advantages that internet offers news readers and viewers. Apart from complete articles on news topics, many websites allow viewers to access news just like they see on television.

Is one better than the other? Do TVs offer something the Internet does not?
Which would you prefer: TV News, or Internet News?

Let’s examine the two aspects of both news media that we can offer…


TV credibility all news from the television are being covered by real journalists, who are employed by the network. All the information is based on actual accounts of people or events that were the subject of the reports. Reports are as credible as their subjects and reporters. If you’re watching a TV broadcast, you can be certain that the contents are true.

Internet credibility-Blogging gave rise to another type of journalist, bloggers. Blogs present news in a way that is both objective and reflects the opinion of those who were there. Although paid journalists exist, they are very few and far between to be able to create a small amount of Internet journalism. So, it’s not unusual to see news reports that do not conform to the standards of professional journalism.


TV News most news broadcasts shown on TV are current or recently aired. Television networks are keen to keep up-to-date with news in their locality or country. They even have contacts within the police to search for records of people they cover. This is a good indicator that TV news can be delivered as soon as possible after it happened.

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