Surrogacy is an Option for Infertile Couples

Surrogacy can be a great option for couples looking to end infertility treatments. Surrogacy is the closest thing to having a biological child, even if all other options have failed. It also allows you to be involved in the baby’s conception and birth. Surrogacy, also known as assisted reproduction, is available to women with no uterus or with damaged uterus. Get more info?

What is Surrogacy?
Surrogacy refers to the act of having another woman carry your child if you are unable or unable to have your own child. Surrogate mothers are willing to have an InVitro Fertilization procedure (IVF) performed on their child. Then, they carry the baby to the ‘Intended Parents. The surrogate mother gives up all parental rights after the child’s birth.

Gestational Surrogacy
Gestational surrogacy, also known as host surrogacy, is a form of surrogacy in which the surrogate mother does not have biological connection to the child but acts as a host for the embryo. This option is for women who are able to produce eggs for fertilization, but cannot carry a child to term. This type of surrogacy is provided by either the intended parents, sperm donors or the intended parents. In-vitro fertilization is used to implant the surrogate with fertilized embryo.

Surrogacy costs
Infertile couples should consider surrogacy as a cost-intensive option. Surrogate screening, counseling, lost wages, insurance, surrogate transportation, surrogate agency, and attorney fees are all the responsibility of the intended parents. Other essential expenses include:
o Cost of fertility treatments to start the pregnancy. This may include intrauterine or in-vitro fertilization.
o Prenatal visits to health care providers
o Delivery costs
o Food, medicine, and clothing for the surrogate
o Initial supplies for the baby prior to the hand-over
Fees for surrogate agencies can range from $38,000 to $54,000, with some cases higher or lower. These fees would typically include legal fees as well as the cost of paperwork.

Legal issues in surrogacy
It is essential to sign a surrogacy agreement that outlines the legal parental rights, expenses, and procedures before surrogacy is established between intended parents and surrogate. When considering surrogacy, legal concerns are paramount.